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Contact Lenses King of Prussia PA | Montgomery County PAAt Jeffrey I. Katzman, MD and Associates, we offer the latest contact lens technology to correct a wide variety of refractive conditions.

Our contact lens fitting is separate from a routine eye exam; therefore there is an additional fee for the fitting. The contact lens fitting includes the evaluation of the fit, the determination of the prescription, and a corneal topography. At the conclusion of a contact lens fit you may purchase your lenses through our office and/or receive your contact lens prescription. We offer competitive pricing which maybe less expensive than other retailers or online web sites. We stand behind our contact lenses, if there are any ripped or defective lenses we will replace them at no additional charge when purchased from our office. We also offer direct shipping to the patient for all contact lens orders.

We offer a wide variety of contact lens options which include daily disposables, two week and one month disposables, planned replacement lenses, astigmatic lenses, multifocal lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses, and hybrid lenses. Some of these options are discussed below.

Contact lens technology is constantly improving. New materials and expanded parameters are introduced at an ever increasing pace. Among the newest types of soft contact lenses are the silicone hydrogel lenses. These lenses transmit six times more oxygen, affording superior wettability compared to older generation contact lens materials. The silicone hydrogel lenses, along with daily disposable contact lenses, allow some patients with dry eyes to now be fit with contact lenses. For patients who have astigmatism, a number of new, improved astigmatic lenses are available which are more comfortable and have the potential to improve your visual acuity.

There are various multifocal contact lenses for those new and current lens wearers who are having difficulty reading and would prefer to be free of glasses. As many contact lens wearers mature, they are unable to read with their contact lenses because of a condition known as presbyopia. As a result they often find themselves needing to use both contact lenses and reading glasses, or discontinue to wear their contact lenses. There are numerous alternatives to wearing reading glasses. We are dedicated to providing you optimal vision at all distances, whether with monovision, soft multifocal lenses, or gas permeable multifocal lenses. Improvements in multifocal contact lens technology have increased the patient success rate dramatically. Therefore, we are now able to fit many patients with multifocal contact lenses who were not previously candidates for these lenses.

We also offer a wide variety of custom gas permeable contact lenses for all types of corneal problems, including keratoconus. Our friendly and patient staff will work with you to find the best contact lenses that fit all of your visual needs. Please call our office at 610.265.1188 to schedule a contact lens fitting and evaluation and/or to answer any questions you have about contact lenses.

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